IT Support

School Student Accounts:

  • Students would have been given a network account name and password . Look after this password and share with no one. This password will give students access to all computer's in the school.

  • These credentials work with the Dunstan-BYOD wireless lan.

  • Appendend and students can login to their Dunstan Gmail and Google Drive accounts.

  • The password also works with Kamar. Students can download the app for their mobile devices and login to with a Web Browser.

  • On school computers file all data in your Documents or other folders keeping your Desktop clear. The less on your Desktop the quicker your computer will login to your Network Home Folders. This is especially true for bigger files created in apps like photoshop.

  • The school laptops have three web browser's loaded, Google Chrome, Firefox and Apple's Safari. If a website is misbehaving or won't work as expected, try one of the other browsers. Although all browsers are good some go better on particular sites.

  • The Force Quit application is under the Apple Menu, If a program hangs use this to force quit it. A problem exist with Google Chrome at times on logoff so you can use this to quickly quit the App before Logoff.


  • Students can print from most school owned devices under their own logins. The computer will be setup to print to one printer only. Take note where this printer is as it will be the printer associated with the computer from which block it is located in.

  • Students can monitor there printing by logging into the Papercuts Server with their network credentials.

Student Device:

  • Google Chrome seems to work best so make sure it loaded onto your device.

  • Students can bring along their own device and should hookup to the open Dunstan-BYOD Wireless Network.

  • This WLAN is faster than the other WLAN's to cope with more student devices.

  • Open a web browser and it should take you to login page, If not you may have to click on advanced to proceed to the login page. Check the other tabs if using Google Chrome.

  • Try connecting to in your web browser address bar if the redirect doesn't work.

  • Click on the icon in password field to save password, so next time it will remember to connect

  • Try to trust the security certificates so it will make it easier to connect next time. If it won't connect try a different browser or update your browser.

  • You use your school username and password to access the internet . This should be remembered for up to a month before you are required to authenticate again.

  • Make sure no proxy settings are set.

We don't support devices just the wireless which is tested and works. If you have problems try asking other students. There is Tech Support in S Block at certain times if you need extra help.